Universal Christ Learning Circle 

Mondays, 5.45 to 7.30pm
from 18 November to 9 December
and 6 January to 27 January

10am to 1pm
Saturday 30 November and Saturday 14 December
Come to either, or both 

A contemplative learning circle, looking at the most recent work of one our most cherished wisdom teachers, Richard Rohr. For the Monday group, we'll be meeting in the lovely ambience of the Julian Centre in Rouen Road. And the Saturday sessions will take place at St Augustine's Hall. 

Book here for the Monday group

Book here for the Saturday sessions

Unlike a discussion group, we'll be approaching Fr Richard's book with a contemplative disposition. Working with short extracts, and a combination of silent meditation, group and pair sharing, individual reflection and lectio divina, we'll unpack together some of the riches of this groundbreaking work. 

In the Monday group, we'll meet for 4 weeks before the Christmas break, and then pick up again in January for another 4 weeks. 

The Saturday sessions will be progressive, but they are also designed to stand alone, as we open ourselves to a contemplative transmission of the deep truths contained in this text. So you may want to come along to both mornings, but it's fine as well to dip-in and dip-out. 

You will get the most from these learning journeys if you get hold of a copy of The Universal Christ. Alternatively (or in addition) you could tune into the relevant episodes from Fr Richard's podcast Another Name for Everything looking at key themes from the book. 

Please book at the link below, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions:
07951 928877

Here are the booking links again for further details: