About us

The Norwich Christian Meditation Centre is an expression of St Augustine's Church, Norwich, which began by pioneering the 'Developing Consciousness' course created by then vicar the Rev Nicholas Vesey as a means of connecting ancient Christian Truths and practices with contemporary spirituality.

This course attracted over 100 people a year who were seeking to deepen their personal spirituality and explore Christian faith.
Once in contact with the Centre, individuals can connect with the Christian community via our many expressions of worship, spiritual practice and community life: C3 (alternative worship community), learning events, Sunday morning services, small groups and local community projects.


We aim to be a liquid network, with each event or group acting as an access point to belonging in our spiritual community. People can find their home in one or more activities and we journey together towards God, not assuming that we all start from the same place but knowing that we're heading towards a deeper knowledge of Divine Love and Freedom in Christ.
We are rarely, if ever, all gathered together but our belonging comes through connection rather than attendance. Our values are to provide space for people to express themselves, connecting with their own creativity in pursuit of our Creator. We are committed to learning from each other and using the skills and talents God has given us to explore new understandings and cement our spiritual experiences into our everyday lives. We know we are called to be in our contemporary culture but not 'of it', and so we aim that what we do together enables us to authentically reflect God's Presence in us.

Working Towards

As our community evolves we are working to increase the “cross-over” between the different groups under the umbrella of the Meditation Centre.
We are also undertaking to broaden the involvement of people outside of the Sunday morning congregation in facilitating the development of the groups and also contributing financially to the Centre so that we can continue to provide space for new initiatives as well as strengthening current activities.