Unity with the Divine: Yoga and the Christian Journey into Contemplation

A two-day retreat with Father Korko Moses, Jesuit priest from India, on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 August 2017 at St Luke’s Church, 61 Aylsham Road, Norwich NR3 2HF

This is an interfaith event, with our unbroken, seamless connection with the divine at its core. Yoga, far beyond its reduction to physical exercise, charts a path to this living reality, and this exploration over these two days can help reawaken us to our own Christian heritage.

Silent prayer is at the heart of this, and we will sit in meditation each session, building up slowly from five minutes to 20 minutes throughout each day, with Father Korko’s guidance on relaxation, breath awareness, the Jesus Prayer and the hindrances which seem to want to stop  us.

We are hoping to create a relaxed, grounded and quiet atmosphere, and so this time we are not having our usual CD stall. Local volunteers, City Saints in Action, have kindly volunteered to cook us a simple lunch, and Father Korko recommends that we try to keep silence over lunch as best we can. For simplicity’s sake, there is no charge for the lunch, nor reduction if you would prefer to bring a packed lunch, which you are free to do.

Father Korko is a slight, unassuming figure, and softly spoken. St Luke’s has a hearing loop, but those who are hard of hearing may struggle.

All are welcome to a speaker event like no other. 

Father KM  FATHER KORKO  MOSES,  a  Jesuit  priest from India, is a spiritual guide who teaches silent prayer as an indispensable support for our ‘putting on the mind of Christ’.
He founded Dhyanavanam, an ashram inspired by Christian and Eastern traditions, where he receives groups of seminarians along with seekers of any  or no faith. He leads retreats there and elsewhere, and each summer in Ireland and at Clare Priory   in Suffolk.
With a depth of experience in spiritual accompaniment, he is a counsellor to alcoholics and drug addicts, and also gives spiritual guidance to the volunteers at L’Arche communities in India.
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Tim Lenton, 14/03/2017