Report on 'Dave Tomlinson'

" How to be a bad Christian, and a better human being"


Dave T book


 Sat 23rd February 2013

in Norwich





By Ken Barrell

Dave Tomlinson came to St. Luke`s on Saturday, February 22nd , to talk on the subject of his new book” How to be a bad Christian…And a better human being.” There is something engaging and appealing about Dave, and there is something attractive and enticing about the title, so it was a pleasure to see the church full to the brim.

 Dave spent the first talk, from his conversations with ordinary, extraordinary people in his parish in London, who would normally never go anywhere near a church, demolishing any meaningful line or distinction between those who belong to a church and those who did not .With a refreshing touch of humanity and humour, he made the case that God is somehow in each one of us, and that you don`t need to be religious, or hold a belief system, to sense the reality of God as a loving presence in your life. “It`s part of being human”

 With the help of diagrams ,quotes, short video clips and songs like the exceptionally powerful and moving “If God were one of us”, sung by Joan Osborne,, Dave went on to emphasise a way of living based on the teaching and example of Jesus. What mattered was who we are, our attitudes and actions towards others, our character-not so much what we believed.

 We were also encouraged to be more caring, less judgemental by waking up to the Holy Spirit within us, by living in the moment , by a more aware mindfulness and by taking time to be still and quiet in our over busy lives. From the tone of the questions that people asked, from conversations with others and from the enthusiastic response to his talks, it seemed like  we were all challenged to be a bad Christian like him!  






Ken Barrell, 25/02/2013