Dave Tomlinson in Norwich

Re-Enchanting Christianity

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1. Faith without Dogma (download)
Dave Tomlinson,
2. Dialogue (download)
Dave Tomlinson,
3. This is my truth, tell me yours (download)
- Mission and mutuality in spirited exchanges with    God's 'scattered people'.
Dave Tomlinson,
4. Dialogue (download) (Dave Tomlinson)
5. Church without Borders (download)
Dave Tomlinson,
6. Dialogue (download)
Dave Tomlinson,
7. Costing less than Everything (download)
Dave Tomlinson,
8. Closing Dialogue (download)
Dave Tomlinson,


Overview by Paul Cracknell

Dave Tomlinson, the radical Christian thinker, Greenbelt speaker and author of 'The Post Evangelical', now from St Lukes church in London, shared  material from his book 'Re-enchanting Christianity' with touching stories of how his vision manifests itself in the hurting circumstances and hope of the lives of those around him.

What is that vision?

To move beyond the limitations of secular and typical christian descriptions of reality so that people have a sense of belonging in the world around them. Churches therefore need to become spirited places if they are not to become extinct or ghettos of the certainties of fundamentalism. He explored what this meant for our spirituality, our mission and our engagement with each other.

 His talk covered inspiring examples of being present and models for relating, practical tools for dialogue and a clarion call to churches on how they can thrive as an integral part of contemporary culture, being the incarnation of which they preach if they are willing to change.

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Details of the above Recordings

(videos mentioned in the talks are available at the bottom of the page)

1.  Faith without Dogma (42mins)

- Re-Spiriting Christianity in a world disenchanted

   with religion but spiritually hungry.

2. Dialogue (32 Mins)

3.  This is my truth, tell me yours (54 mins)

- Mission and mutuality in spirited exchanges with

   God's 'scattered people'.

4. Dialogue (19 mins)

5.  Church without Borders (27 mins)

- Creating open, empowering communities.

6. Diologue (32 mins)

7.  ‘Costing less than everything’ (41mins)

- Called to transform the world with a healing culture of

   compassion, hope and liberation.

8.  Closing Dialogue (4 mins)

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